Dustin Mathews – Leveraging Strategic Partnerships To Scale A Business

Dustin Mathews

Our episode with Dustin Mathews of WealthFit was recorded on location at his office in San Diego where he’s got an amazing podcast and video setup. WealthFit is both a podcast and creative training studio, and in this episode we talk about a host of subjects such as growing a podcast, running a business around creating training content, how to have successful partnerships as well as real estate investing and general guidelines for long term financial growth.

Dustin has had an interesting path and you’ll hear how he found his way into a variety of ventures sometimes by accident, often times being an inverted newbie, but was still able to come out ahead by talking to the right people and using what knowledge he had in marketing at the time. You’ll also hear Dustin’s take on finding key team members and the important questions he asks them to make sure they are a good fit.

After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our past shows we’ve done with Esther Kiss and Scott Carson to give you some additional intake on podcasting and real estate investing. 

People are an important part of the equation and anytime you can insert yourself into a chaotic environment is powerful.” – Dustin Mathews

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tips on how to start a podcast
  • How to reach out to your network
  • Ideas on investing the smart way
  • What to look for in potential hires
  • A defining moment and big question that led to Dustin changing careers
  • Some key questions to determine if people will be a good fit for your team 
  • How timing and being in the right place at the right time is everything
  • The power of the Dream 100 list
  • And much, much more!


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