Dan Martell – How You Are Preventing Your Company From Scaling

Dan Martell

We think you are really going to like today’s show with Dan Martell. Listen in as we talk about his tough upbringing, how he taught himself how to code back in the day before YouTube, how he succeeded and failed with quite a few businesses before he was 30, and how he became the #1 YouTube channel coaching SaaS founders. Dan also has some interesting stories about his visit with Sir Richard Branson and all the things he learned about how Richard runs his business.

Dan has a fascinating mind and way of thinking about projects since his background as a software creator lends him to creating things that have repeatable components that can scale up. When you’re done, don’t forget we’ve also recorded some great shows with Joey Xoto and Ajay Goel, two more SaaS experts who discuss how they have built impressive companies as well.

Think bigger. People don’t plan for success, That was a big idea that I now really crystallized in life is go to the end, plan for success, work backward and make better decisions.” – Dan Martell

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Dan is able to produce 12 months of content in just 6 days a year
  • Why we all want to become ‘love cats’
  • The biggest mistakes people make when starting out
  • The beauty of gross margins and selling a commodity
  • Using the “Buy Back Blueprint” to get more leverage and buy back your time
  • How Dan was able to create the biggest YouTube show on selling for SaaS founders 
  • How being okay with uncertainty proves to be the foundation of being a great entrepreneur 
  • A look behind the scenes of how Richard Branson runs his business
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Dan Martell:

  • DanMartell.com/call – reach out if you are a SaaS founder and want to achieve your goals faster

References and Links Mentioned:

Enjoy this clip from our interview with Dan:


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