Our Daily Rituals That Allow Us To Accomplish So Much

Daily Rituals

How do you make yourself productive? Are there things that you cannot do without, like morning coffee or an afternoon run? Do you have a routine before working on a task or that help keep your mind focused on the task at hand? Proper planning may be one of the keys to a productive day, but getting your mind straight through daily habits or rituals is an essential part of productivity and delivering results.

On today’s episode, we are sharing some daily rituals that we use to maximize our time and effort, processes that have helped us manage our time and tasks, and tools to help improve our focus and get more done.

One of the things that keeps me sane and helps me fall asleep is the fact that tomorrow, I know what I want to accomplish.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Two different morning rituals (Matt & Joe’s)
  • How journaling helps the ideas flow
  • The software and tools we use to get into “Flow State”
  • The things that we avoid to ensure we stay productive
  • Night time ritual we learned from Tim Ferris that helps us calm down and sleep
  • Various hacks and tactics that anyone can use

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