Create A 30 Day Challenge To Accelerate Your Brand – Bradley Will

Bradley Will – In this episode, I sat down with Bradley Will, my ex-business partner. We discussed Bradley’s journey to become an entrepreneur and the near-disaster that was the catalyst behind it. We talk about Bradley’s short stint on a reality show and how that impacted his business. We also dive into the decision to split up Learn To Blog and for Bradley to completely take it over…

I was really impressed with what Bradley has done with Learn To Blog and his new 30 day challenge concept. This challenge has helped him spread the brand, create a ton of new bloggers, and build his own personal authority. Bradley walks us through a step-by-step process on how anyone could create a 30 day challenge in their business and skyrocket their authority.

This episode is a bit longer than most. Bradley and I have a lot of history and a lot of stuff comes up between us that we really haven’t talked about since the split of Learn To Blog. There’s some vulnerability and transparency in this episode that doesn’t normally come out.


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