How To Build A Huge Network And Buy Businesses For No Money Down – Brad Costanzo

Brad Costanzo

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Today, we are joined by a good friend, Brad Costanzo,  a serial entrepreneur, direct marketing strategist, business consultant and the host of his own podcast “Bacon Wrapped Business”. Brad made the entrepreneurial transition himself. After losing his job he went out on his own and started and sold several successful online companies. Today, Brad is a business expert whether working with clients or starting and selling his own companies – improving profits, top line revenue, sales or sales process…especially online sales.

Brad does a lot of very similar proven strategies and philosophies in his business aligned to the way we do things in our business and you're going to hear a lot of that on this episode today. He talks about some marketing hacks and how to create amazing opportunities – and breaks down how he has been successful with his business investments in this actionable episode.

Access and Influence are the two hinges that'll swing the door of opportunity.” – Brad Costanzo

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The story behind the Bacon-Wrapped business name and Brad’s expertise
  • Why he refer himself as an “Opportuneur” and the driving force behind his business
  • Avoiding startup hassles by buying business with no money down
  • His ‘nutcracker' question that opens doors and creates opportunities
  • The philosophy and motivation behind his podcast
  • Hard lessons he learned from his coffee business
  • Using other people’s money to leverage investments and grow cash flow
  • Understanding your real business numbers as opposed to your marketing numbers
  • Things you need to sacrifice to gain the ability to climb up to the next level
  • Audi R8 car ownership experience and his leasing strategy
  • Books Brad hopes you'll enjoy reading as much as he did

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