Bill Glazer & Rob Cuesta – The 8-Rules Of Outrageous Marketing

Today’s show is a full-circle moment for us because way back in 2009 one of the first marketing products we bought was the GKIC Membership and we learned there were local chapters. We went to the San Diego meeting which brought us into the GKIC world which was the foundation of our marketing education. Bill Glazer, who founded GKIC along with legendary marketer Dan Kennedy, joins us on the show today, along with Rob Cuesta, CEO, and Founder of Bright Flame Books. Together they have founded The Outrageous Marketers Alliance. 

They dive into how to be outrageous in your marketing and break it down into the eight steps to help you stand out from the rest, re-train your brain to look for different methods, and give lots of examples of folks doing just that from their marketing mastermind. You’ll love today’s show as it’s almost a mini-course in outrageous marketing tactics with not only lots of a-ha moments but fun and laughs. And, if this episode resonates with you, check out our conversations with Dean Holland and Greg Rollett where we talk about more unique ways to grow your audience and set yourself apart from the rest.

If you’re ever going to work with anyone else in your business, you want to get somebody who also understands marketing, because so many times people don’t understand marketing and your business will go out of business.” – Bill Glazer

“First we need to talk about what outrageous means is and a lot of people think that it means you’ve got to dress up or you’ve got to do whatever it is but it really means being prepared to do what your competitors won’t do and go where your competitors won’t go.” – Rob Cuesta

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Bill & Rob held the last live event in the world
  • How to create campaigns that your competitors won’t even think about
  • What happened when Super Mario got in the elevator with a very well known marketer?
  • How to make yourself stand out (it’s simple as changing your attire)
  • What’s very important to take pictures of on your vacation (and it’s not photos of the beach)
  • How to use shock and awe in your campaign
  • What it means to S&D your way to better marketing

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Bill & Rob:


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