Beau Henderson – How To Get Your Financial Life In Order

Beau Henderson

Beau Henderson’s brand is aptly named Rich Life which produces a podcast, books as well as assists folks with their transitions from the working life to their retirement life. On today’s show, he lays down some solid financial knowledge showing that it can actually be fun to take on the task of becoming financially savvy so that you can take that vacation you always wanted to, pay off that debt or retire to that cabin in the woods to write that novel you’ve always wanted to produce.

Beau has a background in psychology, so he is able to discuss how we get to the core root of our financial lifestyle and breaks down a lot of stuff behind our money habits, patterns and programming.

We get tactical on making sure your money is managed in the right way, a topic that is not discussed nearly enough in the digital marketing space. Plus, towards the end, we talk about the powers behind podcasting and Beau’s process of recording content and coming up with topics quickly for episodes, plus a way to create a whole book with just twelve topics. 

After you’re done, check out our discussions with Noah St. John on how to remove your head trash about money and our episode with Steve Glaveski who talks about getting the proper funds and mindset if you are transitioning to a full-time gig as an entrepreneur. 

Don’t be that person that’s sleepwalking through life. I believe if we are all living a life that is exciting, and we are excited, it’s gotta be better for us, our family, our community and the world as a whole. – Beau Henderson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get out of debt
  • How to work with your kids to make sure they are financially literate
  • The direction retirement is going in this day and age
  • How our thoughts about money affect our financial programming and habits
  • How to use those important metrics about finances and be consistent to improve your financial life
  • How to create content and write books faster and more efficiently
  • And much, much more!

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    • The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield
    • Essentialism by Gren McKeown
    • The Ten Investments for True Wealth –
    • Ten Investments for True Wealth
    • Rich Life podcast 
    • Our show with Noah St. John 
    • Our show with Steve Glaveski

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