How To Automate Podcasts

automate podcasts

In the third episode of the Hustle & Flowchart podcast, Matt and Joe discuss the main problems they had when they started their first podcast, their realizations about how to podcast and why it’s important for any business, and some killer strategies that you can implement immediately to get started on your own podcast.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • An exclusive look into “batch podcasting” and why it only takes 12 days out of the year
  • 2 overlooked but extremely valuable qualities that you can only get from a podcast audience
  • The #1 biggest mistake made by new podcasters (it’s one that we also made!)
  • Why sponsorships are one of the most difficult ways to make money
  • The real value of podcasting, and the truth about your business
  • How to easily develop a strong relationship with a cold audience
  • Why podcasting will help strengthen your network
  • How to easily get any influencer to pay attention to you
  • How to attract versatile guests to your podcast without having an audience
  • The braindead simple strategy we use to edit our podcasts
  • How to outsource all of the little things
  • One of the cheapest systems you can set up to grow your list indefinitely
  • How to automate your networking process and build your own “referral system”
  • Why “consistency” is so important to everything you do in business

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