About Evergreen Profits


Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Seems like a lot to digest, we know. But since we’ve been where you are, found the cure for the most common death of online leaps into entrepreneurship, a.k.a SOS (shiny object syndrome) and come out the other side with our sanity, wallets and work-life balance intact, we kinda felt the need to spread our message to you.


Because unlike us, we don’t want you to be stuck in the paralysis of analysis, wheel spinning, over-thinking and under-acting state we were in when we first made a go of this. You see, once we got our systems in place and tweaked them just right, we found this was a repeatable, actionable process we could use to create multiple streams of income whenever we found something that held our interest for longer than a few seconds.

And to be honest, it just makes us feel good to help, like we’re doing something to make a difference. No shame in our game there.

What makes us so special?

We’re building the largest online content marketing platform we can this side of Neil Patel. In fact, if you like him, we think you’ll dig us too. We get to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest in the online marketing business through our podcast, Hustle and Flowchart.

We’ve picked the brains of folks like Aaron Fletcher of The Fletcher Method, Ankur Nagpal of Teachable, licensing master and marketing pioneer, Bob Serling, and serial entrepreneur Jon Margalit (who put us one degree of separation from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett). We dug their business models so much, we’ve even partnered up with some of them. What we’re saying is, if you like what they’ve got to say about building a business, you’ll be right at home here.

We’ve generated over $100 million (we used the word in place of all those zeros just to make sure we didn’t forget any) in sales for ourselves and our clients combined. It’s been over 10 years in the making, and it’s something we can teach you how to do – build authority, drive traffic, convert sales, systemize, scale and repeat. As an added benefit, it won’t take you 10 years either…Unless that’s the pace you want to take, which we’re totally cool with if it is.

So, how’d we do it?

How did we crack the code? We made the following statement our company mantra.

“Work in our zones of genius, prioritize our to-do’s and delegate the rest”

If we said we got it right from the get go, that would be less than accurate. In fact, we found that as a dynamic marketing duo in the brick and mortar business universe, we were severely limited. We could only service so many clients, hence, we had an earnings cap. If we wanted to make more money, we had to work more hours (bye-bye work life balance) or hire more people to service any additional clients we signed  (of course, we’d have to pay them, too).

Because we’re “so many goals, so little time” kind of guys, we decided to take a leap into a platform that would allow us a broader reach while consuming less of our time. Yep, we took our show onto the internet superhighway, and we haven’t looked back since. Now we’re truly seeing how broad our reach can be while designing a workday with our goals and priorities dictating our schedules.  

About our team

JOE FIER: The creative who came to the table with a video editing turned outsourcing business. He’s damn good at creating custom marketing roadmaps to skyrocket client sales results.

To dig a little deeper into Joe’s trip around the sun, click here.

MATT WOLFE: The systems and tech optimization guy who is a fanatic about content repurposing strategies. He’s famous for SEO, data analysis, split-testing and conversion optimization.

Discover more surprising details of Matt’s life road trip right here.

Put the two of us together and you have the perfect blend of RIGHT-LEFT brained goodness to craft a successful business, much like brewing the perfect hand-crafted beer… Something else we both enjoy doing in our spare time.

PATTY WOODS: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our newest member to the team. She’s smack dab in the center of our yin and yang symbol, completing our circle of creativity and methodology. We like to think of her as a fantastic mediator and someone who challenges us and our audience to push our personal boundaries and limiting beliefs a bit. She does a great job of helping polish us up so we’re clean and pretty for the public, but at the same time she’ll throw down a challenge to launch our thinking up into the twilight zone. Be on the lookout for her… The force is strong in this one. Someday soon she may join forces with us as a coach, so play nice with her in the sandbox.

Are you ready?

So, if you’re ready to dial up the revenue and make gains in your online business instead of focusing on the gaps, but you feel like you need Snickers fun-size actionable steps to get you in gear,  get the gentle push you need from two guys (and a girl) you’d hang out to have a beer with after work… We’re here for you.

Take the first step and see if we’re a good fit. Dive into our collective brain with our free gift so you can learn how to:

  • systematically achieve your health, finance, and relationship life goals
  • map out any goal you want to achieve in life with our specific process
  • force yourself into a flow-state to accomplish more than you could ever imagine
  • fix almost any issue happening in your business (hint-it doesn’t usually even involve your business)
  • plus so much more

Grab our very own Evergreen Wisdom book here.

Or, if you’re an Audible junkie, here’s the audio version.

And if you’re already out of the gate but you want to win?

We say don’t just go for the Kentucky Derby win, make it the Triple Crown you thoroughbred you!

What we’re trying to say is, if you’ve got the foundation of your business pretty well fortified, but you’re looking for strategies to take you to the next level in marketing, automation, scaling and revenue, gallop yourself right over here to see if we’ve got room at the gates for you to join our next one-on-one personalized consulting group.