About Evergreen Profits

Evergreen Profits is a dynamic and results-driven content marketing agency based in San Diego, California. And if you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Do you want to find out how content marketing can grow your business and profits?
  • Are you struggling to write or come up with ideas for new content on a consistent basis?
  • Do you wish you had a better way to measure the effectiveness of your content so you can make data-driven decisions?

Or if your current content marketing efforts just aren’t yielding the ROI you hoped they would… you’re in the right place!

By leveraging influencer outreach, Evergreen Profits helps online publishers determine the best distribution channels to reach their target audience with trackable content and media that drives engagement and increases brand awareness.

With over twenty five years’ combined online marketing experience between them, the Evergreen Profits team also helps their loyal clients implement automated marketing funnels to capture and nurture qualified leads, driving business growth.

How an effective content marketing strategy drives business growth

Good content shouldn’t feel like advertising.

The principal aim of content marketing is to start a conversation with your potential customer, who should walk away from the conversation feeling smarter and better informed.

This builds authority and trust which, in turn, helps you convert potential customers into paying customers.

Content marketing is effective simply because people love quality content. That’s why we read it, watch it, ‘like’ posts and share them.

If your business can provide educational content that answers a question or solves a problem for your potential customer, they are left feeling thankful rather than annoyed and thus more likely to become paying customers in the future.

Not only that, but if consumers are looking for content related to a specific problem that your business can help them solve, it stands to reason that many of them will already be considering a purchase.

This means the people your content attracts are more qualified than those who discover your business through conventional advertising methods, which leads to dramatically increased conversions right across the board.

However, there are two core pillars to a successful content marketing strategy that most publishers overlook.

The first is consistency.

If you’re only posting to your blog once a month or as and when you feel like it, you might as well not bother.

In a noisy online marketplace where standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult, every piece of content you publish acts as a magnet for potential customers.

Therefore, if your competitors have more magnets than you, who do you think is going to win?

The second is distribution.

Knowing how and where to distribute your content so that it attracts attention from online influencers is key to generating the traction and measurable results you’re looking for.

But let’s face it. As a busy online business owner, you don’t have the time to be stuck in front of your computer writing blog posts all day, let alone trying to figure out where your customers are “hanging out” online.

And that’s where Evergreen Profits comes in…

So, who the heck are these guys?

In contrast to a lot of “pop up” marketing consultants that become overnight experts after taking an online course, the Evergreen Profits team is spearheaded by a diverse and proactive duo of digital marketing pioneers who have been down in the trenches successfully practicing what they preach for over a decade.

During this time, they have generated well in excess of one hundred million dollars in revenue for both themselves and their clients, and are genuinely passionate about helping businesses thrive online. It’s how they get their kicks!

About Joe Fier

Joe FierJoe is very much the “hands-on” guy.

He has a unique ability to look at a business and quickly put together a strategic marketing plan that leads to an immediate upsurge in sales and revenue.

Joe is also a huge coffee lover and is so addicted to his daily “Cup o’ Joe” (no pun intended) that he once travelled with his espresso machine on a road trip to Chicago and back!

Learn More About Joe Fier Here.

About Matt Wolfe

Matt WolfeMatt is the self-confessed nerd of the Evergreen Profits operation.

There’s nothing Matt loves more than to get knee-deep in data! He’s constantly split-testing and experimenting with incremental changes that dramatically increase sales and profits over time.

When he’s not busy number crunching, you’ll likely find Matt with his head buried in a comic book or hanging out with his wife, Alana, and their two children (while probably reading a comic book at the same time!)

Learn More About Matt Wolfe Here.

What clients say about working with Evergreen Profits

“Matt and Joe are my go-to guys when it comes to content. It's unbelievable the types of results and traffic that these guys generate with their content and traffic systems.”

Josh Bartlett, Founder of ThriveCart

“Absolutely the best in the business. Creativity combined with marketing expertise is the perfect recipe for ROI. Their work gets real/measurable results!

I highly recommend Evergreen Profits to any business that wants to boost sales and gain a competitive advantage by delivering messages and content through the latest technology.”

Jon Margalit, Head of Direct Sales @ OnSIP

Now you’ve seen what others are saying, the question is:

Are you ready to grow your business through effective content marketing?

In the rapidly-changing online marketplace, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse. But time is precious.