A Tool That Uses AI and Machine Learning To Help Create Traffic And Leads – Paul Clifford

Round two with this SaaS creator was in order now that Paul Clifford and his team just released a major time and money saving option to his already highly successful Designrr software. And they call it AI.

Paul made the decision to tap into existing AI frameworks in place with companies like Google and Amazon in order to use the technology to help content marketers recycle content more quickly using transcription. An unexpected benefit were some larger corporations choosing to use the software to create training manuals and first time online course creators jumping onboard to develop their lessons.

Other topics the guys took on include the battle of coffee over tea, how to create a good lead magnet and using Amazon as both a source of traffic and as a tool to create good eBook titles. If you just can’t get enough of Paul and the guys (no, not The Beatles), be sure to check out the Round 1 episode as well as Matt’s post on the many creative ways to use Designrr to grow a list and make more sales.

It comes down to an old thing called modalitites…People consume content in different ways.”– Paul Clifford

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Paul compares tea time in the UK to this green California pleasure
  • What is content recycling and why it’s more important today than it ever was before
  • Joe’s interesting new twist on the bulletproof coffee recipe, such a “chef”
  • A new EGP book on the horizon using Designrr-Traffic Secrets Revealed Vol 1 anyone?
  • How Matt believes being a book author can collide with being a survivalist
  • Lessons on writing a great title for your next eBook from Paul and Amazon
  • Best and highest uses for the newly unveiled Desginrr AI
  • Purple Shark, Mr. Nice Guy…hmmm, seems like there’s a couple of team member nicknames missing
  • What is a flipbook and why are they preferred to a standard eBook for today’s digital marketers?
  • Why using Designrr will improve your SEO rankings if you choose to use this feature for podcast blog posts
  • Patty sure gets called out a ton on this episode. Maybe it’s a good time to opt-in to see what you get
  • Future features in the works to take the fear out of video once and for all
  • How to turn a free optin email campaign into a tripwire using the power of Designrr plus FOMO
  • Transcript coming soon


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