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i will make you rich - 7 bloggers

Updated January, 2020 to reflect updates to the various blogs mentioned. Enjoy!

I read a lot of blogs.

I probably have 50 or so in my RSS reader right now. When I decided to make this blog post I thought it would be a bad idea to list every single blog that I follow. Needless to say, I had a really hard time narrowing it down to my top 7 blogs that will make you rich.

However, I finally managed to narrow it down. These bloggers are in order for me. I recommend checking them out in the order listed and take note of what each one’s strengths are so you can come back to them whenever you’re struggling in certain areas. These are the bloggers that can proudly proclaim “I Will Make You Rich.”

I Will Make You Rich - Pat Flynn1. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Out of all of the blogs that I read, I think Pat’s is my absolute favorite. The thing that I love most about Pat’s blog is that he is so genuine and transparent. If he does something that works really well for him, he tells you about it. If he does something fails miserably for him, he’ll tell you about that too. His life is pretty much an open book.

How Pat can make you rich

The title of Pat’s blog pretty much says it all. He teaches various passive income streams. His favorite passive income streams seem to fall straight in line with my favorite passive income streams. He is very much in to niche blogging and affiliate marketing, which happens to be what I love and what I teach…

Make sure you check out Pat’s monthly income reports. In these reports, Pat breaks down every single thing that generated an income for him in the previous month with lessons to take away from his triumphs and failures from that month.

Pat Flynn on Hustle and Flowchart
Pat Flynn on Authority Insider

I Will Make You Rich - Michael Dunlop2. Michael Dunlop – IncomeDiary.com

If Pat is my favorite blog to read each month, Michael is definitely an extremely close second. I think the thing that I like most about Michael is how blunt he can be. He has no problem calling out people who he thinks are doing things wrong and praising the people doing things the right way. He’s also one of those guys who won’t hold back. If he learns of a strategy that works for him, he has no problem sharing it with his readers. That’s what a blog should be about… No holding anything back or only giving you bits and pieces of something. Michael shares it all.

How Michael can make you rich

Income Diary has so much going for it. Michael teaches strategies on how to have a more effective blog (much of Business & Blogs was inspired by tips that Michael gave). Michael also teaches blog monetization techniques and traffic techniques. If you’re interested building a more effective and efficient blog, look no further than IncomeDiary.com

I Will Make You Rich - Darren Rowse3. Darren Rowse – ProBlogger.net

ProBlogger was one of the first blogs that I ever read. Before I even knew what WordPress was, I was introduced to Darren’s blog. It was the first site that I ever came across that made the idea of creating an income from blogging actually possible in my mind. I didn’t know that it was possible and discovering ProBlogger.net flipped that switch in my head.

How Darren can make you rich

If you’ve ever dreamt of making a full time living from blogging, you need to have Darren’s blog in your RSS feed reader. There are new tips and tricks posted every single day that will improve your blog. You will learn monetization techniques, traffic techniques, search engine optimization, social networking, ideas for creating content, how to overcome writer’s block, and so much more. It’s basically become an encyclopedia for everything blogging.

I Will Make You Rich - Andrew Warner4. Andrew Warner – Mixergy.com

Andrew’s site is awesome! Andrew committed himself to doing one interview per day, every day… and he’s managed to keep up with it for nearly two years! All of the interviews that he’s done have been compiled in to an, easy to navigate, video blog over at Mixergy.com. He’s landed some pretty amazing interviews too! Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Matt Mullenweg, Tim Ferriss, Darren Rowse, and so much more.

The thing that makes Andrew’s site stand out above the rest is his willingness to dig deeper with the people he’s interviewing and ask the tough questions that most interviewers wouldn’t ask. He doesn’t take affiliate commissions for any products by any of the people he interviews so you know that there are never any ulterior motives to his questions.

How Andrew can make you rich

Andrew has interviewed some of the top minds in business and marketing. He has dug deep and asked the questions that really get people describing exactly how they have achieved the success that they’ve achieved. Some of his interviews you can actually pull step-by-step business processes out of and implement them in your own business. Andrew only interviews the best and the brightest. If you can’t learn from them, you may be headed in the wrong direction with your business…


I Will Make You Rich - Brian Clark5. Brian Clark – CopyBlogger

Copyblogger is one of the most popular marketing blogs on the internet. The focus of Copyblogger is mostly copywriting and beefing up your writing skills. Want to write better blog posts, learn how to create a sales letter that converts, or write emails that get peoples attention? Copyblogger is a damn good place to start!

Copyblogger has been around for quite a while now. This means that it’s another one of those “encyclopedia” type blogs. I constantly refer to this site when I need to write a sales letter or have writer’s block trying to write an email. I pretty much always find what I’m looking for.

How Brian can make you rich

I’ve always said that if there are any two skills that you can learn to be successful, they would be search engine optimization and copywriting. SEO gets you the traffic and copywriting gets you the sales. Studying the heck out of Copyblogger will definitely help you improve your skills in the first half of that equation. Learn to persuade people with your writing and you can sell anything you want… Need I say more?

I Will Make You Rich - Justin Brooke6. Justin Brooke – AdSkills

Justin Brooke is someone that I actually discovered quite a while ago. Back when I was studying website and blog flipping (something I still do from time to time). At the time, he was pretty much the top dog in the site-flip niche. To be honest, I’m not quite sure where he stands anymore in the site flipping arena anymore. I haven’t studied that model in a while because I feel that I’ve developed a system that works well (more on that later).

What I do know is that Justin’s blog at AdSkills.com has some of the most forward-thinking traffic strategies I’ve ever seen. With each new post I’m amazed at the strategies that he’s discussing. As soon as I think I’ve got all the traffic strategies nailed down, Justin introduces me to something new.

How Justin can make you rich

It’s been said many times… If you’ve got traffic, you can make money. Well there are very few people that understand traffic like Justin. I guarantee that a quick flip through his site will land you some new traffic strategies that you’ve never even comprehended before. Get your monetized blog up and running and then soak up all the tactics Justin teaches and you’ll be well on your way.

Enjoy our interview with Justin Brooke here.
Check out a bonus traffic strategy from Justin Brooke here.
Hear John Belcher, Justin’s biz partner, on the podcast.

I Will Make You Rich - Ramit Sethi

7. Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit’s blog at IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com was the first blog that I ever started reading. Back when I was a finance major in college, I loved learning Ramit’s personal financial management tips. He teaches you about saving, investing, managing debt, credit card tricks, and various other “money hacks”. He is the guy that you learn from when you want to figure out how to keep more of the money that you make as well as grow it through smart-investing and strategic use of credit cards and debt.

He’s moved in to teaching a bit about blogging and creating online products now as well but his core niche is managing personal finance. He even wrote a New York Times bestseller entitled “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

How Ramit can make you rich

Well Ramit’s blog is called I Will Teach You To Be Rich… So right there you know you’re on a blog that’s pointing you in the right direction.

So many marketers make decent money and then blow it on extravagant cars or toys that they have no need for. Personally, I like to figure out new ways to make my money work for me. I like to save, invest, and make my money work for me. Ramit will point you in the right direction for this sort of thing.

And don’t forget about us… 🙂 Everything we write, we write to try to help people grow their business and make more money from their business. Make sure you’ve got EvergreenProfits.com bookmarked because we’ll never steer you wrong! We have the goods as well, follow me because I will make you rich as well. 🙂

So there you have it… My top 7 list of bloggers that will make you rich. Take a look at their blogs, add them to your RSS readers, and let them know I sent ya…

Are there any bloggers that you recommend? This is a very small sampling of blogs I read consistently… I’d love to hear your input and get some insights in to your favorite bloggers. Let me know in the private community.

Also… If you like this post, please “Like” it, “Tweet” it, +1 it or whatever you like to do to show people you like a post.

Looking forward to the discussion!

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  • Great list Matt!

    I’m familiar with and a reader of all the ones you listed except Mixergy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m excited to listen to some of the interviews. Hopefully they can be downloaded to my ipod – or better yet are a podcast in iTunes.

    • Hey Eric,

      I just recently discovered Mixergy when my business partner, Josh, was asked to do an interview there. I checked out the site and was absolutely amazed at the amount of interviews and the quality of the questions. Definitely worth checking out!

      All the interviews are in both mp3 and video so you can definitely listen in the car. (That’s what I do).

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Great! NOw I got more to learn… How do we keep up with it all? Talk about walking and chewing gum at the same time. Anyway, this is a great list and I will deffinately be adding them to my feed.

    Thanks brohem!
    Ryan K

    • Hey Ryan,

      I’d set up a Google Reader account and get all of your favorite blogs loaded up in there. It makes it super simple to keep up with everyone and all of the latest techniques.

      Don’t forget to add Business & Blogs to your reader when you do as well. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


      • Hi Matt
        I am here from WPC and agree with Ryan K… how to ingest all the information. I find myself going around in circles trying to figure it all out and piece it all together. I just started using google reader and will get through all your recommended blogs and will be adding them. It seems like the more I learn the more I need to learn. Not a bad thing as I love learning. The good news is that I know I am building a solid foundation in an industry that will not go away, but only grow. Glad I found WPC and am on track to earning!
        Thanks, Diane

  • Hi Matt,

    I have now saved all of these links to check out later. I do have a couple blogs that I follow pretty regularly, but mainly in particular niches.

    I guess it is time to expand into to business side of things and MAKING MONEY!

    Sure would be nice to pay off some bills! 😉


  • Wow, I’ve got some catching up to do! Justin is the only blogger whose name I recognize. Thanks for sharing – and for adding to my reading list.



  • Hey Matt,

    It is very difficult to nail down a list like that with so many great blogs on the web. However, you did a great job. I’m very used to seeing JohnChow, ShoeMoney, etc., so your list is refreshing. Later.

    • Hi Eli,

      When I first got in to blogging, I used to read John Chow and Shoemoney. I’ve actually had the opportunity to meet and have a couple drinks with Shoemoney on a couple occasions now.

      The problem for me with those blogs is that I feel they’ve lost their way a little bit. The blogs seem to be more about what they are up to and the cool things they get to do than actual actionable advice. There’s the occasional gem but they seem to be getting farther and farther apart.

      Just my $0.02


  • hi matt,
    thanks for your email! your post are very useful.. i am appreciate this.. can you help me on make money through this blog.. till now i am finding the right way to make it.. may u suggest and teach me to make money on blog… i did make use google, amazon, and so on but still not reach big money… would you help me…
    best regards,
    taza abg

    • Hi Taza,

      I do my best to teach everything I know about making money blogging through both this blog and my site over at The WordPress Classroom. Both should be great resources to learn how to turn a blog in to a business…


  • Great list Matt – Big fan of Ramit’s and of course Patt Flynn. One of my buddies Shane Melaugh is doing some good stuff at imimpact.com, too – I reckon he’d be in that top 7!

  • Interesting that all seven bloggers you mentioned in your post are all unfamiliar to me. I read probably only a dozen or so blogs as my time is limited and there so much duplication out there.

    However I am always open to new blogs if there offer quality information.
    Thanks for info on the bloggers, I give them a try.


  • I must give this a big “wow” as I have never heard of any of these names before. I have a little list of my own who I can recommend but still I am amazed at the list you gave us. No
    doubt these new names and their blogs I will check out. Thanks, Paul

    • Hey Paul,

      A couple of these guys I just recently discovered and I couple I’ve been following for years. I started reading Ramit’s blog back in about 2005 I believe.

      Who do you currently read? I’m interested to find more blogs that people are finding useful.


  • This is an excellent article. What makes this article great is that it takes advantage of the internet by having links to 7 other websites with information that we are interested in. Also it is your 7 best out of many different ones. This article is rich in resources.

    • Google reader is great. Everyone should add their favorite blogs in there. It keeps it so easy to keep everything organized.


  • Problogger and Copyblogger are two I’ve followed since first getting interested in online marketing. Couple of others on your list I hadn’t come across so they’ll be great additions. There are of course many self serving blogs out there these days so one has to be selective otherwise too much time spent reading means no work gets done.

    • Thanks for commenting!

      I definitely check out a lot of blogs these days. I’ve got to constantly “sharpen my sword” if I want to stay on the cutting edge and keep teaching this stuff…

      (Just noticed the pun… Not intentional)

      The way to go is to pick a few favorite blogs and just stick with those and then check in to all the rest on occasion…


  • Excellent post Matt. The only one that I think really deserves a mention here is Glen Allsopp from ViperChill blog. But yeah – there are a lot of great blogs around.

    • Thanks Peter

      I’ll check out Glen’s blog. I don’t believe I’ve visited that one before.


      • Wow! If you haven’t read http://viperchill.com yet by Glen Allsopp then you are in for a treat. I love that you mentioned me, but Glen really deserves that spot more than I do.

        Or maybe you can turn this into “8 blogs that will make you rich” ;-D

        We’ve done well with SITEFling but had some wobbly legs in the beginning. Been researching and planning things for almost 6 months now and ready to take my shot at the throne. Look for some good things coming very soon.

        Thank you for the mention!

  • Believe me Paul, these are all extraordinary blogs. I love reading copyblogger and income diary. I also enjoy Viperchill.com, it’s a great blog to be in and has a lot of helpful resources for beginners, intermediate and experts.

    This is a great listing, I’m glad you took time out to make this a success.

  • Great suggestions. I have found Matt Carter and Mark Lindays blog very informative and offer tons of teachings..

  • Matt

    I follow most of these already and am pleased you’ve included a couple I’ve not come across before.

    Like you, Pat Flynn is my favourite. I read Pat for inspiration. He’s smart, generous and transparent. And I enjoy Copyblogger for the sheer range of writing tips.

    Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com was an early favourite of mine and his free Blog Profits Blueprint is still, in my opinion, the best instruction manual for bloggers wanting to make money.

    There are others that land in my inbox who are good but if I try and read them all, all the time, I forget about that other important criterion for success – action!


  • I knew of all of them except for your #1 choice – Pat Flynn.

    I read a lot of blogs and truly, this was the first time I’ve heard of him. Now I have another new blog to read!

    Thanks for the info!

  • Hi Matt
    I have visited ProBlogger and CopyBlogger but hadn’t heard of the others. I follow Garry Parkes and Gary Simpson.
    Will certainly go look at the others, I like people who tell it like it is.
    Being a beginner, I have a lot to learn yet. (Bought your WSO today and learned a lot from that) Didn’t know about Google reader either so will check that out.
    Thank you for an interesting post

  • I think CopyBlogger really is the most germain topic here. Rather than swirling around regurgitated and rewarmed get-rich-quick guru-speak for the desperate – you can find something of real value in your own mental cupboard, figure out who needs that and let them know about it using the exact words your target audience will understand!

  • Hey Matt,

    Good to meet you man. First time visitor popped over from Kim’s blog. These 7 blogs are awesome! I have to agree I’m a regular at IncomeDiary and read SPI through my email RSS.

    Look forward to connecting with you.

    I’m working on getting on someones top 7 myself hahaha

  • Great list. I am following Darren Rowse’s posts at Pro blogger almost everyday. I will be start reading rest on the list. And oh, I just want to share one blogger who can also make you rich if you follow his footsteps. It’s Jehzeel Laurnete of Jehzlau-concepts.com. 🙂

  • Hmm i hope you do not get annoyed with this question, but how much does a blog like yours earn?

  • Thanks for a thoroughly informative post Matt. Another one worthy of mention is Alex Whalley of Build Rank Profit..So many though from which to choose…decisions, decisions!