Back Issues

Issue #1 – December 2016

  • The Tutorial Blueprint – A very specific content strategy to generate sales of any product by being cool and teaching instead of hard-selling.
  • The “Answer & Drive” Trick – A little strategy that you can use to drive a ton of hyper-targeted traffic from a highly-trafficked 3rd party website. When you do this right, you will probably have to turn away business leads because they come in so fast (or do what we do and sell the excess leads).
  • The Content Philosophy – Content marketing baffles people. To be honest, it’s kind of a boring topic. So boring, in fact, that most people ignore it or do it completely wrong. We’ll give you strategies to use content that you (or other people) create to put more green in your pocket.
  • Step-by-step Action Plan – You will receive a complete step-by-step guide to recreating a strategy that we used to generate a recurring $600 per month from a single blog post that took about 30 minutes to create.

Issue #2 – January 2017

  • The Backdoor Networking Strategy – A simple tactic that you can use to connect and get to know anyone. Follow along to quickly meet and build a strong connection with any influencer in your chosen niche.
  • 1-Day Per Month Brand Building – This little strategy has been the main way that we’ve built our personal brands. We’re direct response marketers but we still want to build names for ourselves. This is how we spend 1-day per month on it.
  • Audience Borrowing – Learn the strategy that Ben Settle says was his best list building strategy. It’s an easy way to leverage other people’s audiences to rapidly grow your own mailing list and become instantly credible to those people in the process.
  • Using Twitter To Grow Your Audience – We actually still have a pretty solid way to leverage Twitter to continually grow our audience. Most people think Twitter is dead but we quietly leverage this technique to get more and more eyeballs.

Issue #3 – February 2017

  • Create Your Own High-Value Product In A Day – We break down a step-by-step strategy that you can follow to create a sellable product in a single day. We’ve used this strategy time and time again to create courses that people absolutely rave about. Create a new business around this or add an additional revenue stream to your existing business.
  • The YTC Product Test Method – This process will allow you to test a product idea without creating a single item or piece of content. This test works whether you want to sell a physical product, an information product, or a service. Simply follow the process before creating a product for near instant feedback on whether or not people will fork over money to buy from you.
  • Recurring Income From Other People’s Content – This process allows you to create recurring income that’s damn near completely passive. Simply find content that other people created and ethically sell it, in a way that the original writers will actually thank you for (and you won’t even have to pay them).
  • The Pricing Strategy Process – Most people struggle with how to set the prices of their products. We have a simple formula that has always worked well for us that we use to take the emotion out of pricing a product. Simply plug your product’s details into this formula and use the price that it gives you for maximum sales.

Issue #4 – March 2017

  • Leveraging Owned Audiences – The absolute best way to create sustainable income is to create “owned audiences”. These are assets like an email list, a direct mail list, Facebook groups, and other social media followings. Ramp these up and you’ll be able to generate traffic whenever you want, to wherever you want.
  • The “No Work” List Building Process – This framework is something that we’ve used over and over again. It’s a way to rapidly grow a mailing list, using other people’s content, other people’s traffic, and without having to create any new “lead magnet”.
  • Creating “Direct Mail” Lists Effortlessly – We map out a step-by-step process that you can follow to build a list of real home addresses for people who want what you’re selling. It’s a no stress, no hard-sell, least amount of work possible, way of collecting HIGHLY TARGETED home addresses.
  • Automating Facebook Fan Page Growth – We actually developed our own little tool to automate people liking our Fan Page. We’ve never released it. It’s only been for internal use… Until now. We’ll teach you how to automate a Fan Page following and we’ll give you the tool that we use to do it.
  • Instagram Automation To Drive Traffic – We recently discovered that Instagram is a HUGE traffic driver for us. We were blown away by how effective it is, especially since it’s about 90% automated. We’ll show you our fun and profitable Instagram ways.
  • Wealth Automation Blueprint – Joe breaks down his exact strategy to automate his wealth accumulation. We’re talking how to automatically invest and allocate a little bit of money each month that adds up to A LOT in the future.

Issue #5 – April 2017

  • Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017 Notes – This April issue is a very special edition as we just spent 5 days in masterminds, networking events, and summit presentations. We’ll be sharing all of our notes from the events. This isn’t just the notes from the speakers at the event… This is the ideas from the masterminds, the closed-door conversations, the drunken marketers spilling their secrets, and, of course, our notes from attending the presentations. This will be our most wide-spanning edition yet.
  • Chatbot Automation & Conversion Tactics – Learn how others are using chatbots to increase engagement with their brands, build their lists, and make more sales. These are strategies we immediately implemented after the event and have already seen significant results in our bank accounts!

  • How To Triple Sales From Webinars – We’re going to map out several little tweaks that you can make to existing webinars to 3x the conversion rate from them. You won’t need to re-write or start over at all. These are tiny little tricks that psychologically cause buyer frenzies from your webinars.
  • The One Sentence Headline Formula – This little headline formula will cause viewers of your site to be sucked into your writing. Once you know this little formula, you’ll be able to crank out winning headlines that are guaranteed to boost sales conversions.
  • Uncommon Email Marketing Wisdom – This little sequence of emails is super counterintuitive. No one else is doing this. However, the team at Digital Marketer has tested this extensively and found that changing your email sequence to follow this format ALWAYS leads to at least doubling sales.
  • Additional “Owned Audiences” – Last month we discussed “owned audiences” like email lists, direct mail lists, Facebook pixels, social media followings and more. This month, we’re teaching even more “owned audiences” that haven’t been discussed yet but that are equally, if not more, powerful than the ones we’ve already discussed.
  • Content Marketing “Hacks” – We will be discussing several simple things that you can do to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing. Want Google to rank more of your sites? Want easier ways to get your site shared? We’ll be spilling the beans on several tactics that we’ve never heard anyone else ever discuss.

Issue #6 – May 2017

  • Email Alchemy – We will break-down the exact 30-day email sequence that we used to launch The Evergreen Profits Letter. This exact sequence made thousands of email subscribers fall in love with us and added over 100 members to our EGP Letter subscription within a week of opening the doors.
  • Crafting Winning Email Subjects – Follow our step-by-step process to discover exactly what types of emails resonate with your audience so that you can craft winning subject lines over and over again.
  • Our Database of Emails Subject Lines – We are going to share with you the exact email subject lines that have been the most effective for us. Use these as a swipe file and alter them to use within your own email campaigns. Never run out of email ideas again.
  • The Old-Subscriber Reengagement Technique – Have an older list that you don’t mail often enough? We’ll show you how to pep them up and get them paying attention to you again. We created an automated email process that digs out subscribers that are no longer paying attention and forces them to take notice again.
  • The “STS” Email Writing Formula – This is a formula that we developed and use over and over again to persuade people to purchase from us. When used properly, you’ll have people feeling like they can’t get by without your product and that YOU are the solution to get them over their hump. Use this ethically because it is insanely powerful.
  • More Chatbot Goodness – We spent a lot of time in April’s issue discussing chatbots. Well, we’ve experimented even more with them and found a new winning formula that’s even more effective than what we tested last month. You can only use this one once or twice per month but, when you do, you will see a FLOOD of new subscribers and engagement from your list.
  • How To Trigger A “Flow State” – Find yourself struggling to concentrate or get a ton of work done at a high level? Learn the science and art of getting into a flow state. You’ll learn some simple techniques to focus on your work and get more accomplished than you ever imagined!