Back Issues

Issue #1 – December 2016

  • The Tutorial Blueprint – A very specific content strategy to generate sales of any product by being cool and teaching instead of hard-selling.
  • The “Answer & Drive” Trick – A little strategy that you can use to drive a ton of hyper-targeted traffic from a highly-trafficked 3rd party website. When you do this right, you will probably have to turn away business leads because they come in so fast (or do what we do and sell the excess leads).
  • The Content Philosophy – Content marketing baffles people. To be honest, it’s kind of a boring topic. So boring, in fact, that most people ignore it or do it completely wrong. We’ll give you strategies to use content that you (or other people) create to put more green in your pocket.
  • Step-by-step Action Plan – You will receive a complete step-by-step guide to recreating a strategy that we used to generate a recurring $600 per month from a single blog post that took about 30 minutes to create.

Issue #2 – January 2017

  • The Backdoor Networking Strategy – A simple tactic that you can use to connect and get to know anyone. Follow along to quickly meet and build a strong connection with any influencer in your chosen niche.
  • 1-Day Per Month Brand Building – This little strategy has been the main way that we’ve built our personal brands. We’re direct response marketers but we still want to build names for ourselves. This is how we spend 1-day per month on it.
  • Audience Borrowing – Learn the strategy that Ben Settle says was his best list building strategy. It’s an easy way to leverage other people’s audiences to rapidly grow your own mailing list and become instantly credible to those people in the process.
  • Using Twitter To Grow Your Audience – We actually still have a pretty solid way to leverage Twitter to continually grow our audience. Most people think Twitter is dead but we quietly leverage this technique to get more and more eyeballs.