Affiliate Commissions & KSTs

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It’s the sophomore episode of the Hustle & Flowchart Podcast, and Matt and Joe are back to share their most effective strategy yet! Introducing the “KST”. In this episode, you will learn exactly how to implement this strategy, how you can create recurring revenue streams with it, and the psychology behind why it works. This one can’t be missed!

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The uber secret weapon that Matt calls the “KST”
  • How Matt creates recurring income from KSTs… years after they were written and with no extra effort
  • Why you should be training people to use your product before they buy your product
  • Why “assuming” that somebody already has your product can help you sell it
  • A killer “bribe” that will help to build your email list immediately
  • The simple method they use to create KSTs, and how you can start today with a pen and a piece of paper
  • The most effective strategy for selling multiple affiliate products at the same time
  • Why reducing the amount of products you are selling can actually increase your sales
  • The real truth about the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to making money online
  • Why you don’t even need your own blog or website to use the KST method
  • The best way to generate traffic to your KST for maximum exposure
  • The secret blog post that generates Matt a recurring income of $600/month
  • An almost foolproof strategy to do search engine optimization with your content

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