A 3-Step Framework To Automate Everything – Aaron Fletcher

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In the fourth episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast, Matt and Joe interview Aaron Fletcher, the business-automation expert. Aaron shares his breakthrough strategies on how to systematize and automate your business; including the simple “KAD” strategy that will revolutionize how you think about your work. Aaron talks about how to delegate tasks, how to use automation tools to crush outbound sales, and why you need to “kill” everything that isn’t moving the dial.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What you need to know about business automation and how this knowledge will help with your family life
  • The game-changing yet simple strategy that Aaron calls “KAD”
  • Why you cannot do everything at once, and what you should “kill” n your business
  • The great secret of “opportunity costs” and what tasks you should automate first
  • Why it’s so important to not automate this specific kind of task
  • How to use sales automation tools to fill the top of your funnel with warm leads
  • The correct way to delegate tasks in your business
  • Why human interaction is more vital for automation than scale is
  • A behind the scenes overview of Aaron’s killer suite of automation tools
  • The big problem with email deliverability when you’re using the industry-standard email automation tool
  • How Aaron uses bots in association with the new Facebook Messenger ads
  • How to increase your closing rate when you hate doing sales
  • What an entrepreneur should and shouldn’t be doing with their time
  • The real customer benefits of the “one-to-many” coaching and consulting strategy
  • The concise, breakthrough advice that Aaron received from his corporate CEO decades ago (and it still holds true today)
  • How to setup your own “worksheet” to chronicle your business goals and catalyze your company for huge growth this year

References & links mentioned:

  • ZenProspect – Tool to simplify your outbound sales process
  • Leadfuze – The B2B lead generation software to send personal emails
  • Drip – The email automation platform that grew from using Leadfuze’s technology and was eventually sold to Clay Collins
  • ManyChat – An extensive tool that you can use to create your own Facebook Messenger bot
  • Evergreen Profits Letter – Premium marketing automation mailed to your house
  • The Weekly Profit – Weekly emails of articles that we’ve written and others we love