3 Breaths

How often do you actually think about your breath?

I’m not talking about during meditation or during yoga, but while you’re loaded down with work, or while you’re nervous anticipating a big business pitch.

I’ve been told by a few people that I don’t breathe deeply (by friends, structural therapist, badass yoga instructor). It’s true. When things get tough with life (work, family, whatever), my natural tendency is to breathe shallow.

My trigger that I’m doing this is my that chest feels a bit tight and that I lose focus. That all equals STRESS! No bueno.

Recently I’ve made it a BIG emphasis to pay attention to my breath (or lack thereof) especially during these times.

Tim Ferriss says, “Treat yourself to 3 breaths”.

It’s crazy that we have to actually treat ourselves to this. But, if you actually take the time to do so, you will be rewarded with superpowers, like:

  • A relaxed body
  • Clearer thinking
  • A buzzing mind
  • A blast of energy
  • Confidence to get through something tough
  • Increased blood flow to your muscles and brain
  • A 9 hour drive on a way too straight highway through Nebraska
  • Countless of other things

Here’s my routine (as I’ve been so fortunately taught by the above mentioned folks):

  • Take long, slow breathes in and out through my nose (about 4 seconds each)
  • Hold my breath for about 3-4 seconds
  • Breathe all the way up to the collarbone (you’ll feel it!)
  • Breathe all the air out each time
  • Close your eyes if you want to get the most out of it

As an added bonus, try ujjayi breathing. Shoutout to Margaret on this one, it makes this exercise even more fun.

It’s a little weird to outline how to breathe, but it’s something that can make such a profound effect on how you feel and make the most of your time.

Just think about the better writing you can do, the better impact you can make with your business, and better citizen you can be to the world.

It all starts with your breath… give it a shot!